Almost there Bluff

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February 10th. It started as a barely discernible rattle that drew our eyes to the glacier. A few small chunks of ice bounced down the sheer face and hit the sea with a thud. Before you could move, or get … Continued

Ice Ahoy!

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February 7th. Suddenly the low clouds looked different. My face scrunched up into a confused, anticipatory look. Was that land I could see out to the East? Dave picked up his binoculars and confirmed that we were looking at jagged … Continued

Justine´s Journal

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The first orange glow of dawn formed as a thin line on the horizon ahead of us. It slightly illuminated the rolling swell that hit the yacht from the side and white caps that rolled under the hull.My view was … Continued

10/10th Ice

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Another fantastic day, this morning Icebird hit a rock and mount hard on it, one hs helping with spirit and vernadsky dinghy to get them out. After we went to Yeluor Is for a Adelie colony, I did Pizzas barbecues … Continued

Antarctic Circle 66˚33

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You can find Cherly Randall, Captain Ernesto Barris and me of course on the right in this pic as we crossed the Antarctic Circle. More pics to come…soon.    

Leaving Jan 13th

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0900 hours local time after a nice Christmas Spirit of Sydney drop the lines and slipped out of town on her next adventure to Antarctica. In the hands of Ezequiel Sunblad as Captain and Bjorn Riis-Johannessen  as Experdition leader. And … Continued

Daily Journal update

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The stern of Spirit was lifted almost vertically through the air, the rudders clung on only to submit to the almighty force of the blue-green monster.  The whole boat slewed to starboard, but Spirit never let go, she was designed … Continued

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